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This is my blog dedicated to my new hand raised cockatiel bandit. Follow me and watch the process of me bonding with bandit and training him :)

sleazy-breezey asked: Hey, how long did it take before Bandit was happy to take treats from your hand through the cage? Anytime I put my hands near poncho on the outside of the cage he at least hisses, sometimes lunges. However, he often doesn't have a problem with me taking the food bowl out.

Hi, Bandit was hand raised and I hand raised her a little myself when I got her too because she wasn’t weaned properly so she took anything from my hands pretty much straight away! 

with my budgies however who aren’t hand raised, I would give them millet and slowly move my hand closer each time until they got used to eating a tiny bit of millet that I was holding!

good luck :)

Anonymous asked: where did you get your cages, and what size is it?

My Budgies cage is from pet stock, the size is: 82 L x 46 W x 152cm H

Its an Avi One 604 cage. My cockatiels cage is from another local shop, The size is basically the same as my budgies cage too.

Bandit just had the longest shower

I swear she would have wanted to shower all night haha but my wall and her were already drenched :P

She is still molting, feel so bad for her but hopefully the shower helped the itchiness and helps the new feathers

cute video coming soon! :)

Bandit helps me blog

Bandit helps me blog

simply-fluffy asked: What does it mean to molt?

molt- is when your bird loses feathers and grows new ones to replace the old

Bandit spying on the budgies! 

Bandit spying on the budgies! 

Taken on Instagram

Taken on Instagram